Thursday, November 3, 2011


 Once upon a time there was a four headed horse.  A hunter was looking for a horse. The hunter shot the four headed horse. Magically, a baby calf appeared on the ground. When the hunter saw this he was amazed. The calf got up and sealed the mother's wound. The  man threw his gun to the side and went closer to the horse. The horse trusted the man because he put down his gun. The man went closer to the horse and it's calf  and the two horses went closer to the man. The man sat down next to the horse and fell asleep.  
The next morning, the man found himself laying next to the horses. The horses woke the man up and allowed the man to ride the mother horse.  The man got on the horse and headed toward the farm. The calf galloped next to it's mother's side. The horses and the man hand an unspoken bond. The horses went wherever the man felt they needed to go. They went all the way back to his farm and introduced the two horses to his daughters.  They rushed and hugged the horse and the calf. The man and his two daughters took good care of the horses. As the two daughters became adults, they moved out of the house. As the man got older, the two daughters had to move in with the dad again to care for him. The took good care of him and the horses.
Since I could't find a 4 headed horse, this is next best thing.

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