Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So today when I woke up one thing came to my mind mile run. I have it at school this our third time doing it this year.  When I got to school I asked my friends just to make sure it was today they said "Yes," I was freaking out but I was not the only one the whole grade was.When it was our turn for P.E. our P.E  teacher told us the groups I was up first. My group walked to the field to save our energy for the run the rest of my friends ran. When my group got into a line we started to run. My group kept on running  until the end. When I got done I asked the P.E teacher what was my time she said "9 minutes and 35 seconds." I knocked off 20 seconds!!!! This happened today!!!!!


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  1. that's amazing! keep it up one day you will beat me ! my time is 7.35 !